The Artists
Portrait of George Inness

George Inness was a U.S. Tonalist Artist born on May 1, 1825. Inness contributed to the Hudson River School and Barbizon School movements, worked in Italy and France and died on August 3, 1894.

In the Berkshires, George Inness

In the Berkshires 1848 – 1850

Morning, George Inness

Morning 1878

A Silver Morning, George Inness

A Silver Morning 1884

The Mill Stream, Montclair, New Jersey, George Inness

The Mill Stream, Montclair, New Jersey 1888

Landscape, Sunset, George Inness

Landscape, Sunset 1887 – 1889

Harvest Moon, George Inness

Harvest Moon 1891

Home in Montclair, George Inness

Home in Montclair 1892

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