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John Constable, The Artists
Portrait of John Constable

John Constable was an English artist born on June 11, 1776. Constable contributed to the Romantic movement and died on March 31, 1837.

Willy Lott's House, John Constable

Willy Lott's House 1802

Wivenhoe Park, Essex, John Constable

Wivenhoe Park, Essex 1816

The White Horse, John Constable

The White Horse 1819

Hampstead Heath with Bathers, John Constable

Hampstead Heath with Bathers 1821

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, John Constable

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds 1825

Seascape Study with Rain Cloud, John Constable

Seascape Study with Rain Cloud 1827

Stonehenge, John Constable

Stonehenge 1835

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