The Artists
Portrait of Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner was a U.S. Woman Artist born on October 27, 1908. Krasner contributed to the Abstract Expressionist movement and died on June 19, 1984.

Shattered Light, Lee Krasner

Shattered Light 1954

Bird Talk, Lee Krasner

Bird Talk 1955

Birth, Lee Krasner

Birth 1956

The Seasons, Lee Krasner

The Seasons 1957

The Eye is the First Circle, Lee Krasner

The Eye is the First Circle 1960

Night Creatures, Lee Krasner

Night Creatures 1965

Free Space I, Lee Krasner

Free Space I 1975

Free Space II, Lee Krasner

Free Space II 1975

Future Indicative, Lee Krasner

Future Indicative 1977

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