The Artists
Portrait of Arshile Gorky

Arshile Gorky was a armenian artist born on April 15, 1904. Gorky contributed to the Abstract Expressionist movement, worked in the United States and died on July 21, 1948.

Composition: Horse and Figures, Arshile Gorky

Composition: Horse and Figures 1928

Self-Portrait at the Age of Nine, Arshile Gorky

Self-Portrait at the Age of Nine 1928

Landscape, Arshile Gorky

Landscape 1933

Argula, Arshile Gorky

Argula 1939

After Xhorkum, Arshile Gorky

After Xhorkum 1940 – 1942

The Leaf of the Artichoke is an Owl, Arshile Gorky

The Leaf of the Artichoke is an Owl 1944

Untitled, Arshile Gorky

Untitled 1944

Water of the Flowery Mill, Arshile Gorky

Water of the Flowery Mill 1944

Agony, Arshile Gorky

Agony 1947

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