Abstract Expressionism
It's not a picture, it's an event

Abstract Expressionism, Modernism
Village Street, Gabriele Münter

Village Street Gabriele Münter, 1908

Color Painting, Olga Rozanova

Color Painting Olga Rozanova, 1917

Green Stripe, Olga Rozanova

Green Stripe Olga Rozanova, 1917

Static-Dynamic Gradation, Paul Klee

Static-Dynamic Gradation Paul Klee, 1923

Untitled, Stanley William Hayter

Untitled Stanley William Hayter, 1924 – 1924

May Picture, Paul Klee

May Picture Paul Klee, 1925

Landscape, Arshile Gorky

Landscape Arshile Gorky, 1933

Argula, Arshile Gorky

Argula Arshile Gorky, 1939

Untitled, Hans Hofmann

Untitled Hans Hofmann, 1940

After Xhorkum, Arshile Gorky

After Xhorkum Arshile Gorky, 1940 – 1942

Untitled, Mark Rothko

Untitled Mark Rothko, 1942

Personage (Autoportrait), Robert Motherwell

Personage (Autoportrait) Robert Motherwell, 1943

1944-N No. 2, Clyfford Still

1944-N No. 2 Clyfford Still, 1944

Figure, Clyfford Still

Figure Clyfford Still, 1944

Jamais, Clyfford Still

Jamais Clyfford Still, 1944

The Fire I, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

The Fire I Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1944

Untitled, Arshile Gorky

Untitled Arshile Gorky, 1944

Water of the Flowery Mill, Arshile Gorky

Water of the Flowery Mill Arshile Gorky, 1944

Sleep Mask, Adolph Gottlieb

Sleep Mask Adolph Gottlieb, 1945

Untitled, Charmion von Wiegand

Untitled Charmion von Wiegand, 1945

Untitled, Barnett Newman

Untitled Barnett Newman, 1945

Untitled, Marie Raymond

Untitled Marie Raymond, 1945

Untitled, Marie Raymond

Untitled Marie Raymond, 1945

Circumcision, Jackson Pollock

Circumcision Jackson Pollock, 1946

Rythmes, Marie Raymond

Rythmes Marie Raymond, 1946

Untitled, Charmion von Wiegand

Untitled Charmion von Wiegand, 1946

Agony, Arshile Gorky

Agony Arshile Gorky, 1947

Changing Moods, Norman Lewis

Changing Moods Norman Lewis, 1947

Number 43, Ad Reinhardt

Number 43 Ad Reinhardt, 1947

Sea Change, Jackson Pollock

Sea Change Jackson Pollock, 1947

The Nuptial Form, Charmion von Wiegand

The Nuptial Form Charmion von Wiegand, 1946 – 1947

Title Unknown (Street Scene), Norman Lewis

Title Unknown (Street Scene) Norman Lewis, 1947

Ulysses, Robert Motherwell

Ulysses Robert Motherwell, 1947

1948, Clyfford Still

1948 Clyfford Still, 1948

Onement, I, Barnett Newman

Onement, I Barnett Newman, 1948

Untitled, Marie Raymond

Untitled Marie Raymond, 1948

Death of Clytaemnestra, Stanley William Hayter

Death of Clytaemnestra Stanley William Hayter, 1949

Yellow Painting, Ad Reinhardt

Yellow Painting Ad Reinhardt, 1949

Abstraction, Willem de Kooning

Abstraction Willem de Kooning, 1949 – 1950

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), Jackson Pollock

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) Jackson Pollock, 1950

Excavation, Willem de Kooning

Excavation Willem de Kooning, 1950

No. 12, Ad Reinhardt

No. 12 Ad Reinhardt, 1950

Number 107, Ad Reinhardt

Number 107 Ad Reinhardt, 1950

Number 18, Jackson Pollock

Number 18 Jackson Pollock, 1950

One Man Band, Stanley William Hayter

One Man Band Stanley William Hayter, 1950 – 1950

PH-950, Clyfford Still

PH-950 Clyfford Still, 1950

The Wild, Barnett Newman

The Wild Barnett Newman, 1950

Untitled, Ahmed Yacoubi

Untitled Ahmed Yacoubi, 1950

1951-T No. 3, Clyfford Still

1951-T No. 3 1951

The City, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

The City Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1950 – 1951

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