Enharmonic Notation for Intonarumori

Luigi Russolo, 1914
Enharmonic Notation for Intonarumori, Luigi Russolo
Enharmonic Notation for Intonarumori, zoomed in

Enharmonic Notation for Intonarumori is a Futurist  artwork created by Luigi Russolo in 1914. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Music. SourceDownloadSee Enharmonic Notation for Intonarumori in the Kaleidoscope

Not content with inventing noise music and his fleet of new instruments, the Intonarumori, Luigi Russolo also developed new forms of musical notation. First published in the Lacerba magazine on March 1, 1914, this document is part of Russolo’s composition Risveglio di una Citta, ‘The Awakening of a City.'

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