Tsesarevich Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé, 1912
Tsesarevich Egg, Peter Carl Fabergé
Tsesarevich Egg, zoomed in
15 cmTsesarevich Egg scale comparison10 cm

Tsesarevich Egg is a Gold and Lapis Lazuli Decorative Artwork created by Peter Carl Fabergé in 1912. It lives at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in the United States. The image is used according to Educational Fair Use, and tagged Decorative Artwork. SourceSee Tsesarevich Egg in the Kaleidoscope

Like a number of the famous Imperial Easter Eggs designed and built in the House of Fabergé, this egg was constructed by workmaster Henrik Wigström. What looks like a single, massive slab of lapis lazuli, is actually six segments carefully joined under gold double headed eagles, scrolls, flower baskets, and caryatids.

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