The Artists
Portrait of Theo van Doesburg

Theo van Doesburg was a Danish artist born on August 30, 1883. van Doesburg contributed to the Early Modernist and De Stijl movements and died on April 7, 1931.

The Cardplayers, Theo van Doesburg

The Cardplayers 1916 – 1917

Composition XIII, Theo van Doesburg

Composition XIII 1918

There is an old and a new consciousness of time

De Stijl Manifesto 1918

Rhythm of a Russian Dance, Theo van Doesburg

Rhythm of a Russian Dance 1918

Variation on Composition XIII, Theo van Doesburg

Variation on Composition XIII 1918

Composition in Gray (Rag-time), Theo van Doesburg

Composition in Gray (Rag-time) 1919

The Archer, Theo van Doesburg

The Archer 1919

Kleine Dada Soirée, Theo van Doesburg

Kleine Dada Soirée 1922

The Denaturalized Material, Destruction 2, Theo van Doesburg

The Denaturalized Material, Destruction 2 1923

Counter Composition VI, Theo van Doesburg

Counter Composition VI 1925

Elementarism is the purest, and...the most direct means of expression of the human spirit

Elementarism (Fragment of a Manifesto) 1927

Simultaneous Counter-Composition, Theo van Doesburg

Simultaneous Counter-Composition 1929 – 1930

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