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Female figure, Neolithic

Female figure 4500 – 4000BCE

Early Cycladic female figure, Aegean Civilizations

Early Cycladic female figure 3200 – 2800BCE

Cycladic seated harp player, Aegean Civilizations

Cycladic seated harp player 2800 – 2700BCE

Liangzhu Jade Cong, Neolithic

Liangzhu Jade Cong 2400BCE

Cycladic female figure, Aegean Civilizations

Cycladic female figure 2300 – 2200BCE

Cycladic Kernos — Vase for Offerings, Aegean Civilizations

Cycladic Kernos — Vase for Offerings 2300 – 2200BCE

Statue of Gudea, Mesopotamia

Statue of Gudea 2090BCE

Head of a Ruler, Mesopotamia

Head of a Ruler 2300 – 2000BCE

Minoan Pyxis Stone Lid, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Pyxis Stone Lid 2600 – 1900BCE

Minoan Serpentine Tankard, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Serpentine Tankard 1750 – 1450BCE

Haematite Amygdaloid Seal, Aegean Civilizations

Haematite Amygdaloid Seal 1600 – 1400BCE

Minoan Agate Lentoid, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Agate Lentoid 1400 – 1400BCE

Minoan Haematite Cylinder Seal, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Haematite Cylinder Seal 1400 – 1300BCE

Mycenaean Octopus Stirrup Jar, Aegean Civilizations

Mycenaean Octopus Stirrup Jar 1200 – 1100BCE

Minoan Bronze Tweezers, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Bronze Tweezers 2900 – 1050BCE

Bronze Basin, Bronze Age

Bronze Basin 700BCE

Aafenmut Canopic Jars, Ancient Egypt

Aafenmut Canopic Jars 712 – 664BCE

Kushite priest wearing leopard's head, Kingdom of Kush

Kushite priest wearing leopard's head 712 – 664BCE

Ram's-head Amulet, Kingdom of Kush

Ram's-head Amulet 712 – 664BCE

Bronze Etruscan Woman, The Etruscans

Bronze Etruscan Woman 600BCE

Canopic Urn, The Etruscans

Canopic Urn 600BCE

Phoenician-style ewer, The Iberians

Phoenician-style ewer 600BCE

Greek Drinking Vessel, Ancient Greece

Greek Drinking Vessel 550BCE

Bronze Statuette of a Bull, Ancient Greece

Bronze Statuette of a Bull 500BCE

Terracotta column-krater, Ancient Greece

Terracotta column-krater 430BCE

Terracotta calyx-krater, Ancient Greece

Terracotta calyx-krater 400 – 390BCE

Etruscan Mirror, The Etruscans

Etruscan Mirror 350BCE

Etruscan Woman, The Etruscans

Etruscan Woman 300BCE

Jug in the Form of a Woman's Head (Oinochoe), The Etruscans

Jug in the Form of a Woman's Head (Oinochoe) 300BCE

Terracotta Votive Statuette of Two Draped Females, The Etruscans

Terracotta Votive Statuette of Two Draped Females 300BCE

Alabaster Cinerary Urn, The Etruscans

Alabaster Cinerary Urn 300 – 200BCE

Head of Etruscan Woman, The Etruscans

Head of Etruscan Woman 200BCE

Zhong Bell, 戰國秦 青銅鐘, Ancient China

Zhong Bell, 戰國秦 青銅鐘 400 – 200BCE

Perseus and Andromeda, Ancient Rome

Perseus and Andromeda 90BCE

Young Hercules, Ancient Rome

Young Hercules 69 – 96CE

Mummy with an Inserted Panel Portrait of a Youth, Coptic Art

Mummy with an Inserted Panel Portrait of a Youth 80 – 100CE

Statue of Aphrodite, Ancient Rome

Statue of Aphrodite 100CE

Bronze Military Diploma, Ancient Rome

Bronze Military Diploma 113 – 114CE

Emperor Antoninus Pius, Ancient Rome

Emperor Antoninus Pius 138 – 161CE

Bronze Statuette of Jupiter, Ancient Rome

Bronze Statuette of Jupiter 200CE

The Three Graces, Ancient Rome

The Three Graces 200CE

Portrait of the emperor Caracalla, Ancient Rome

Portrait of the emperor Caracalla 212 – 217CE

Bronze Statue of the emperor Trebonianus Gallus, Ancient Rome

Bronze Statue of the emperor Trebonianus Gallus 251CE

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu, Classical India

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu 400CE

Standing Buddha Offering Protection, Classical India

Standing Buddha Offering Protection 500CE

Floor Mosaic with Ktisis, Byzantine Art

Floor Mosaic with Ktisis 500 – 550CE

Greenstone Mask, Teotihuacan Culture

Greenstone Mask 200 – 700CE

Late Gupta Period Buddha, Classical India

Late Gupta Period Buddha 700CE

Seated Buddha, Classical India

Seated Buddha 700CE

Standing Female Deity, probably Durga, Khmer Art

Standing Female Deity, probably Durga 700CE

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