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Rainy Season in the Tropics, Frederic Edwin Church

Rainy Season in the Tropics Frederic Edwin Church, 1866

Rejtan, The Fall of Poland, Jan Matejko

Rejtan, The Fall of Poland Jan Matejko, 1866

The Collector of Prints, Edgar Degas

The Collector of Prints Edgar Degas, 1866

Venus Rising from the Sea, Gustave Moreau

Venus Rising from the Sea Gustave Moreau, 1866

Women Going to the Woods, Alfred Sisley

Women Going to the Woods Alfred Sisley, 1866

Head of a Yound Woman, Edgar Degas

Head of a Yound Woman Edgar Degas, 1867

Jalais Hill, Pontoise, Camille Pissarro

Jalais Hill, Pontoise Camille Pissarro, 1867

L'Hermitage à Pontoise, Camille Pissarro

L'Hermitage à Pontoise Camille Pissarro, 1867

Loch Long, Robert S. Duncanson

Loch Long Robert S. Duncanson, 1867

Niagara Falls, Frederic Edwin Church

Niagara Falls Frederic Edwin Church, 1867

Regatta at Sainte-Adresse, Claude Monet

Regatta at Sainte-Adresse Claude Monet, 1867

Still Life, Camille Pissarro

Still Life Camille Pissarro, 1867

The Beach at Sainte-Adresse, Claude Monet

The Beach at Sainte-Adresse Claude Monet, 1867

The Chess Players, Honoré Daumier

The Chess Players Honoré Daumier, 1863 – 1867

The Execution of Emperor Maximilian, Édouard Manet

The Execution of Emperor Maximilian Édouard Manet, 1867

The Forest in Winter at Sunset, Théodore Rousseau

The Forest in Winter at Sunset Théodore Rousseau, 1846 – 1867

The Wave, Gustave Courbet

The Wave Gustave Courbet, 1869 – 1867

Alfred Sisley with His Wife, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Alfred Sisley with His Wife Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1868

Grey and Silver: Chelsea Wharf, James McNeill Whistler

Grey and Silver: Chelsea Wharf James McNeill Whistler, 1864 – 1868

Portrait of Émile Zola, Édouard Manet

Portrait of Émile Zola Édouard Manet, 1868

Rocks in the Forest, Paul Cézanne

Rocks in the Forest Paul Cézanne, 1865 – 1868

Street in Pontoise, Camille Pissarro

Street in Pontoise Camille Pissarro, 1868

The Bridle Path, White Mountains, Winslow Homer

The Bridle Path, White Mountains Winslow Homer, 1868

The Muses Leaving Their Father Apollo, Gustave Moreau

The Muses Leaving Their Father Apollo Gustave Moreau, 1868

Venus Verticordia, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Venus Verticordia Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1863 – 1868

Andromeda, Gustave Doré

Andromeda Gustave Doré, 1869

Barges on the Seine, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Barges on the Seine Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1869

Bianca, William Holman Hunt

Bianca William Holman Hunt, 1868 – 1869

Coastal Landscape with Wreck, Peder Balke

Coastal Landscape with Wreck Peder Balke, 1860 – 1869

Job And His Friends, Ilya Repin

Job And His Friends Ilya Repin, 1869

La Grenouillère, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

La Grenouillère Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1869

La Grenouillère, Claude Monet

La Grenouillère Claude Monet, 1869

La Grenouillère, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

La Grenouillère Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1869

Massilia, Greek Colony, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

Massilia, Greek Colony Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1868 – 1869

Mixed Flowers in an Earthenware Pot, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Mixed Flowers in an Earthenware Pot Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1869

Rocky Coast and Gulls, Winslow Homer

Rocky Coast and Gulls Winslow Homer, 1869

The Bride, Matthijs Maris

The Bride Matthijs Maris, 1868 – 1869

Bathers, Paul Cézanne

Bathers Paul Cézanne, 1870

Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts, Winslow Homer

Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts Winslow Homer, 1870

Hesiod and the Muses, Gustave Moreau

Hesiod and the Muses Gustave Moreau, 1870

Månelys, Peder Balke

Månelys Peder Balke, 1870

Odalisque, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Odalisque Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1870

Portrait of Ihaka Whanga, Gottfried Lindauer

Portrait of Ihaka Whanga Gottfried Lindauer, 1870

Portrait of the Artist's Mother and Sister, Berthe Morisot

Portrait of the Artist's Mother and Sister Berthe Morisot, 1869 – 1870

Streamside, Edward Mitchell Bannister

Streamside Edward Mitchell Bannister, 1870

The Danish Artist Bertha Wegmann Painting a Portrait, Jeanna Bauck

The Danish Artist Bertha Wegmann Painting a Portrait Jeanna Bauck, 1870

The Maid, Eva Gonzalès

The Maid Eva Gonzalès, 1865 – 1870

The Studio, Honoré Daumier

The Studio Honoré Daumier, 1870

The Window, Eva Gonzalès

The Window Eva Gonzalès, 1865 – 1870

Vardøhus Fortress, Peder Balke

Vardøhus Fortress Peder Balke, 1870

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