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The Duel After the Masquerade, Jean-Léon Gérôme

The Duel After the Masquerade Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1857 – 1859

The Highland Shepherd, Rosa Bonheur

The Highland Shepherd Rosa Bonheur, 1859

Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable, Eugène Delacroix

Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable Eugène Delacroix, 1860

Chapultpec Castle, Robert S. Duncanson

Chapultpec Castle Robert S. Duncanson, 1860

Kittens playing in a baskets, Henriëtte Ronner-Knip

Kittens playing in a baskets Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, 1860

Landscape, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Landscape Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, 1860

Man with a Pipe, Gustave Courbet

Man with a Pipe Gustave Courbet, 1860

Nymph Abducted by a Satyr, Alexandre Cabanel

Nymph Abducted by a Satyr Alexandre Cabanel, 1860

Portrait of Monsieur and Madame Auguste Manet, Édouard Manet

Portrait of Monsieur and Madame Auguste Manet Édouard Manet, 1860

The Spanish Singer, Édouard Manet

The Spanish Singer Édouard Manet, 1860

Twilight in the Wilderness, Frederic Edwin Church

Twilight in the Wilderness Frederic Edwin Church, 1860

A Boy with a Dog, Édouard Manet

A Boy with a Dog Édouard Manet, 1861

Potato Planters, Jean-François Millet

Potato Planters Jean-François Millet, 1861

The Education of the Children of Clovis, Lawrence Alma-Tadema

The Education of the Children of Clovis Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1861

The Icebergs, Frederic Edwin Church

The Icebergs Frederic Edwin Church, 1861

Cotopaxi, Frederic Edwin Church

Cotopaxi Frederic Edwin Church, 1862

Indians Spear Fishing, Albert Bierstadt

Indians Spear Fishing Albert Bierstadt, 1862

Musica en las Tullerias, Édouard Manet

Musica en las Tullerias Édouard Manet, 1862

Stańczyk, Jan Matejko

Stańczyk Jan Matejko, 1862

Symphony in White no 1: The White Girl, James McNeill Whistler

Symphony in White no 1: The White Girl James McNeill Whistler, 1862

Young Woman with Ibis, Edgar Degas

Young Woman with Ibis Edgar Degas, 1860 – 1862

Home, Sweet Home, Winslow Homer

Home, Sweet Home Winslow Homer, 1863

La peche (Fishing), Édouard Manet

La peche (Fishing) Édouard Manet, 1863

Luncheon on the Grass, Édouard Manet

Luncheon on the Grass Édouard Manet, 1863

Memory of the Banks of l'Oise, Berthe Morisot

Memory of the Banks of l'Oise Berthe Morisot, 1863

Olympia, Édouard Manet

Olympia Édouard Manet, 1863

The Birth of Venus, Alexandre Cabanel

The Birth of Venus Alexandre Cabanel, 1863

The Merciful Knight, Edward Burne-Jones

The Merciful Knight Edward Burne-Jones, 1863

The Old Track to Auvers, Berthe Morisot

The Old Track to Auvers Berthe Morisot, 1863

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak, Albert Bierstadt

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak Albert Bierstadt, 1863

View of Tivoli (After Corot), Berthe Morisot

View of Tivoli (After Corot) Berthe Morisot, 1863

Cider, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

Cider Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1864

Oedipus and the Sphinx, Gustave Moreau

Oedipus and the Sphinx Gustave Moreau, 1864

The Dead Christ with Angels, Édouard Manet

The Dead Christ with Angels Édouard Manet, 1864

The River, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

The River Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1864

Aurora Borealis, Frederic Edwin Church

Aurora Borealis Frederic Edwin Church, 1865

Elaine, Emma Sandys

Elaine Emma Sandys, 1862 – 1865

Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California, Albert Bierstadt

Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California Albert Bierstadt, 1865

Portrait of Estelle Balfour, Edgar Degas

Portrait of Estelle Balfour Edgar Degas, 1865

The Clairvoyant, Gustave Courbet

The Clairvoyant Gustave Courbet, 1865

The Wine Press, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

The Wine Press Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1865

A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie, Albert Bierstadt

A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie Albert Bierstadt, 1866

Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert, Paul Cézanne

Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert Paul Cézanne, 1866

Camille, Claude Monet

Camille Claude Monet, 1866

Fantasy, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

Fantasy Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1866

Il Dolce far Niente, William Holman Hunt

Il Dolce far Niente William Holman Hunt, 1866

Jo - The Beautiful Irish Girl, Gustave Courbet

Jo - The Beautiful Irish Girl Gustave Courbet, 1865 – 1866

Lise Sewing, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Lise Sewing Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1866

Luncheon on the Grass, Claude Monet

Luncheon on the Grass Claude Monet, 1865 – 1866

Prisoners from the Front, Winslow Homer

Prisoners from the Front Winslow Homer, 1866

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