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Movements of Modernism
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Composition No. 3 is from which art movement?

MinimalismCubismSocial RealismArt Deco
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Isaac With A Pipe is from which art movement?

Vienna SecessionCubismPrecisionismFauvism
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Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia) is from which art movement?

ExpressionismConstructivismHarlem RenaissanceSocial RealismHanoi School
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Sculptural Construction of Noise and Speed is from which art movement?

Harlem RenaissanceHanoi SchoolSuprematismFuturism
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Some Roses and Their Phantoms is from which art movement?

SurrealismExpressionismFuturismArt Deco
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Realistic Manifesto, Broadside is from which art movement?

Art DecoDadaRegionalismSymbolismConstructivism
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Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance is from which art movement?

Hanoi SchoolPrecisionismMinimalismHarlem RenaissanceCubism
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Mystery Woman with Shadow is from which art movement?

Art DecoDadaArt NouveauExpressionismHarlem Renaissance
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Migration Series No.27: Many men stayed behind until they could take their families north with them is from which art movement?

Abstract ExpressionismFuturismHarlem RenaissanceConstructivism
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