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Who created Portrait of the Artist Lê Thị Lựu?

Lê Thị LựuLê PhổMai Trung ThứVũ Cao Đàm
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Who created Migration Series No.6: The trains were crowded with migrants?

Gwendolyn KnightArchibald MotleyJames Van Der ZeeJacob LawrenceAaron Douglas
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Who created Erasistratus the Physician Discovers the Love of Antiochus for Stratonice?

Benjamin WestÉlisabeth Vigée Le BrunGiovanni Battista PiranesiThéodore GéricaultAntonio Canova
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Who created Migration Series No.19: There had always been discrimination?

Charles AlstonJacob LawrenceRomare BeardenArchibald MotleyBeauford Delaney
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