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When you see the word henge, you likely imagine a ring of standing stones, but the henge is actually the earthwork that sits under them. A henge is a ring-shaped bank, with a ditch inside the bank. This distinguishes a henge from a rampart, where the ditches is outside the bank, a common defensive measure built around forts. A henge may have one, two or four entrances to the center, which are assumed to have been ritual landscapes, often containing those picuresque standing stones we know and love.

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Arbor Low Henge, Neolithic

Arbor Low Henge 2400BCE

Arbor Low Stones, Neolithic

Arbor Low Stones 2400BCE

Avebury Henge, Neolithic

Avebury Henge 2600BCE

Ring of Brodgar, Neolithic

Ring of Brodgar 2300BCE

The Callanish Standing Stones, Neolithic

The Callanish Standing Stones 2900 – 2600BCE

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Abstract Figures

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