Themes in Art


Abolitionist Button, Early Photography

Abolitionist Button 1850

Enghøj Brooch, Viking Age

Enghøj Brooch 800CE

Gold Celtic Torc, The Celts

Gold Celtic Torc 1200BCE

Gold Pectoral of Cerveteri, The Etruscans

Gold Pectoral of Cerveteri 675BCE

Human face pendant, Igbo-Ukwu

Human face pendant 800 – 900CE

Hunterston Brooch, Viking Age

Hunterston Brooch 700CE

Inlaid ivory arm cuffs, Kingdom of Benin

Inlaid ivory arm cuffs 1800

Inlaid ivory armlet, Kingdom of Benin

Inlaid ivory armlet 1700 – 1800

Ivory Hip Pendant in the form of a Face, Kingdom of Benin

Ivory Hip Pendant in the form of a Face 1500 – 1600

Large Wall Fibula, The Etruscans

Large Wall Fibula 675BCE

Ram's-head Amulet, Kingdom of Kush

Ram's-head Amulet 712 – 664BCE

Spherical and Biconical Gold Beads, Islamic Dynastic Art

Spherical and Biconical Gold Beads 1100

The Snettisham Great Torc, The Celts

The Snettisham Great Torc 150 – 50BCE

Torc Celtic Necklace, The Celts

Torc Celtic Necklace 400BCE

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