Themes in Art


When artists are burnt out from commissions and the confines of their studios, they go outside. Nature brings the rediscovery of solitude and the awe of the unknown. Natural art may not always be in vogue, but we always go back to nature when we need it.

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Beaches 21Cliffs 13Clouds 47Fields 9Fire 10Flowers 113Fog 7Fruit 48Islands 8Landscape Painting 190Lightning 3Mount Fuji 4Mount Saint Victoire 2Mountains 61Night 41Ocean 13Plants 9Rain 4Rainbows 1Rainforest 6River Bank 22Rivers, Streams, & Creeks 32Seascapes 48Seine 4Snow 16Stars 9Storms 11Sunrise & Sunset 26The Moon 28The Sun 8Water 18Water Falls 10Wilderness 2Winter 4Woods, Forests, & Trees 128

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