A Wheatfield, with Cypresses (September 1889), Vincent Van Gogh

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses (September 1889) Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

Boat in the Flood at Port Marly, Alfred Sisley

Boat in the Flood at Port Marly Alfred Sisley, 1876

Butterflies, Odilon Redon

Butterflies Odilon Redon, 1910

Canal Of Overschie, Paul Signac

Canal Of Overschie Paul Signac, 1906

Cliff Walk at Pourville, Claude Monet

Cliff Walk at Pourville Claude Monet, 1882 – 1882

Clouds over the Castle, Murnau, Gabriele Münter

Clouds over the Castle, Murnau Gabriele Münter, 1939

Emperor Guan, Qing Dynasty

Emperor Guan 1700

Fishermen at Sea, Joseph Mallord William Turner

Fishermen at Sea Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1796

Hacienda La Fortuna, Francisco Oller

Hacienda La Fortuna Francisco Oller, 1885

Hampstead Heath with Bathers, John Constable

Hampstead Heath with Bathers John Constable, 1821

Hoarfrost, Théodore Rousseau

Hoarfrost Théodore Rousseau, 1845

Jalais Hill, Pontoise, Camille Pissarro

Jalais Hill, Pontoise Camille Pissarro, 1867

Kites of many colors, Nemesio Antúnez

Kites of many colors Nemesio Antúnez, 1989

Landscape in Scotland, Gustave Doré

Landscape in Scotland Gustave Doré, 1878

Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep, Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Landscape with Shepherds and Flock of Sheep Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1763 – 1765

Loch Lomond, Gustave Doré

Loch Lomond Gustave Doré, 1875

Magdalena, Richard Hambleton

Magdalena Richard Hambleton, 2007

Månelys, Peder Balke

Månelys Peder Balke, 1870

New Mexico Landscape, Marsden Hartley

New Mexico Landscape Marsden Hartley, 1923

North Cape, Peder Balke

North Cape Peder Balke, 1844

Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch), Thomas Cole

Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch) Thomas Cole, 1839

Old Chestnut, Luigi Russolo

Old Chestnut Luigi Russolo, 1945

Pericón, Pedro Figari

Pericón Pedro Figari, 1900

Resurrection, Gaganendranath Tagore

Resurrection Gaganendranath Tagore, 1920

Saint Panteleimon the Healer, Nicholas Roerich

Saint Panteleimon the Healer Nicholas Roerich, 1931

Serpent of Wisdom, Nicholas Roerich

Serpent of Wisdom Nicholas Roerich, 1924

Sexism (The Bicentennial Series), Benny Andrews

Sexism (The Bicentennial Series) Benny Andrews, 1973

Stairway, Temple of Kukulcán, Chichén Itzá, Laura Gilpin

Stairway, Temple of Kukulcán, Chichén Itzá Laura Gilpin, 1932

Steigen, Peder Balke

Steigen Peder Balke, 1847 – 1849

Stonehenge, John Constable

Stonehenge John Constable, 1835

Summer Afternoon Clouds, Fritz Scholder

Summer Afternoon Clouds Fritz Scholder, 1990

Sunset in the Auvergne, Théodore Rousseau

Sunset in the Auvergne Théodore Rousseau, 1844

The Course of Empire 1: The Savage State, Thomas Cole

The Course of Empire 1: The Savage State Thomas Cole, 1834

The Dark Mountain, No. 1, Marsden Hartley

The Dark Mountain, No. 1 Marsden Hartley, 1909

The Dark Mountain, No. 2, Marsden Hartley

The Dark Mountain, No. 2 Marsden Hartley, 1909

The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice, Canaletto

The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice Canaletto, 1730

The False Mirror, René Magritte

The False Mirror René Magritte, 1929

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Closed, Hieronymus Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Closed Hieronymus Bosch, 1503 – 1504

The Northern Lights over Four Men in a Rowboat, Peder Balke

The Northern Lights over Four Men in a Rowboat Peder Balke, 1887

The Storm Over La Bajada, Laura Gilpin

The Storm Over La Bajada Laura Gilpin, 1946

The Werewolf, Félicien Rops

The Werewolf Félicien Rops, 1868

The White Horse, John Constable

The White Horse John Constable, 1819

Twilight in the Wilderness, Frederic Edwin Church

Twilight in the Wilderness Frederic Edwin Church, 1860

Untitled Landscape, Ben Enwonwu

Untitled Landscape Ben Enwonwu, 1959

Vanquished, Emily Carr

Vanquished Emily Carr, 1930

View of Delft, Johannes Vermeer

View of Delft Johannes Vermeer, 1660 – 1661

Wave, Richard Hambleton

Wave Richard Hambleton, 1985

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