Themes in Art


How do you express the divine? Artists share visions of God, enlightenment and retell the stories of their faith, creating artwork for contemplation, for worship, and to strike fear into the hearts of sinners. We don't know what happens after death, but history has a few ideas.

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Adam and Eve 11Afterlife 6Altarpieces 11Angels 52Annunciation 8Apostles 4Baptism 5Bodhisattva 3Brahma 1Buddha 6Catholicism 10Christian Stories 56Crucifixion 26David and Goliath 4Demons 18God 5Goddess 12Halo 7Heaven 8Hell 17Jesus Christ 88John the Baptist 10Mary Magdalene 10Moses 5Nativity 8Nkisi 1Penitent 1Prayer 15Saint Anthony 5Saint Francis 7Saint George 5Saint Jerome 4Saint Mark 3Saint Sebastian 5Saints 65Salomé 17Samson and Delilah 2Satan 10Shiva 2The Tower of Babel 2The Virgin Mary 88Theories of Religion 4Trimūrti 4Vishnu 2Worship 4

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