Themes in Art

Ritual & Ceremony

Ceremonial Dance, Pablita Velarde

Ceremonial Dance Pablita Velarde, 1950

Pueblo animal dancers, Pablita Velarde

Pueblo animal dancers Pablita Velarde, 1980

Santa Clara Basket Dance, Pablita Velarde

Santa Clara Basket Dance Pablita Velarde, 1950

Six Pueblo Dancers, Pablita Velarde

Six Pueblo Dancers Pablita Velarde, 1987

Symbolic scene with five kachina figures, Pablita Velarde

Symbolic scene with five kachina figures Pablita Velarde, 1980

In order to find sweetness in the bed on the joyous coverlet, my lady bathes her holy thighs.

The Fertility Ritual of Inana and Iddin-Dagan 1900BCE

The Magic Circle, John William Waterhouse

The Magic Circle John William Waterhouse, 1886

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Art Theory, Themes in Art

Art Theory

Artists unpack the nature of art

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