Medieval Persian Art

The Epic of Kings
The honorable Kings of Persia are an example to us all

The Epic of Kings, Medieval Persian Art

The Epic of Kings is a Medieval Persian book written by Ferdowsi in 1010. It's in the Public Domain.

The Shahs of OldFeridounZalZal and RudabehRustemThe March into MazinderanKai Kaous Committeth More FolliesRustem and SohrabSaiawushThe Return of Kai KhosrauFiroudThe Vengeance of Kai KhosrauByzun and ManijehThe Defeat of AfrasiyabThe Passing of Kai KhosrauIsfendiyarRustem and IsfendiyarThe Death of Rustem
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Medieval Persian Art, Middle Ages

Medieval Persian Art

Persia brings a wealth of art, poetry, and mysticism to Islam.

651 – 1500

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