I love color

Chéri Samba, 2010
I love color, Chéri Samba
I love color, zoomed in
200 cmI love color scale comparison300 cm

I love color is a Zaire Acrylic and Glitter Painting created by Chéri Samba in 2010. It lives at the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain in Paris. The image is © Chéri Samba, and used according to Educational Fair Use, and tagged Self-portraits and Black Subjects. See I love color in the Kaleidoscope

Chéri Samba plays the leading man in many of his works, but these self portraits aren't autobiographical. Chéri Samba positions himself as a narrator—engaging his audience directly to share his perspective. In this case, he’s sharing his love of color: “When I talk about color, I tell people ... that there’s no meaning to it. The colors in my paintings are sentimental colors.”

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