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Portrait of Man Ray

Man Ray was a U.S. Photographer and Sculptor born on August 27, 1890. Ray contributed to the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, worked in France and died on November 18, 1976.

Kiki de Montparnasse, Man Ray

Kiki de Montparnasse 1920

The Riddle of Isidore Ducasse, Man Ray

The Riddle of Isidore Ducasse 1920

Gift, Man Ray

Gift 1921

Portrait Of Rose Sélavy, Man Ray

Portrait Of Rose Sélavy 1921

The Kiss, Man Ray

The Kiss 1922

Ingres's Violin, Man Ray

Ingres's Violin 1924

Rayograph - 1925, Man Ray

Rayograph - 1925 1925

Black and White, Man Ray

Black and White 1926

Decanter, Man Ray

Decanter 1926

Dragonfly, Man Ray

Dragonfly 1926

Emak Bakia, Man Ray

Emak Bakia 1926

Woman with Long Hair, Man Ray

Woman with Long Hair 1929

Portrait of André Breton, Man Ray

Portrait of André Breton 1930

Prayer, Man Ray

Prayer 1930

Atelier Composition, Man Ray

Atelier Composition 1933

Observatory Time - The Lovers, Man Ray

Observatory Time - The Lovers 1932 – 1934

Self Portrait with the Lamp, Man Ray

Self Portrait with the Lamp 1934

Space Writing (Self Portrait), Man Ray

Space Writing (Self Portrait) 1935

Observatory Time, The Lovers (Photograph), Man Ray

Observatory Time, The Lovers (Photograph) 1936

Untitled - 1936, Man Ray

Untitled - 1936 1936

I’d like to find and lose the philosopher’s stone. Make love and never lose control. Remove a great number of living beings with impunity. Afterward resuscitate a very small number of the dead.

Convulsionnaires 1937

Pisces, Man Ray

Pisces 1938

Aurelien, Man Ray

Aurelien 1944

Shakespearean Equation - Twelfth Night, Man Ray

Shakespearean Equation - Twelfth Night 1948

Indestructible Object, Man Ray

Indestructible Object 1923 – 1958

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