Portrait Of Rose Sélavy

Man Ray, 1921
Portrait Of Rose Sélavy, Man Ray
Portrait Of Rose Sélavy, zoomed in

Portrait Of Rose Sélavy is a Dadaist Photography Photographic Print created by Man Ray in 1921. The image is used according to Educational Fair Use, and tagged Portraits, Androgyny and Hats & Headwear. SourceSee Portrait Of Rose Sélavy in the Kaleidoscope

Marcel Duchamp was a man of many faces, and one of his faces was a woman: Rose Sélavy. Her name was a pun on the French phrase, Eros, c'est la vie, meaning ‘Love, such is life.’ Duchamp dressed as Rose for a series of portrait photographs by Man Ray, and even created readymade sculptures using the photos. Rose was Duchamp’s literal personification of his interest in androgyny—the unity of male and female about which he stated 'If one has become the Androgyne one no longer has a need for philosophy.'

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