“The symbol is universal. The Androgyne is above philosophy. If one has become the Androgyne one no longer has a need for philosophy.” — Marcel Duschamp
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Babylon hath been a golden cup, Simeon Solomon

Babylon hath been a golden cup Simeon Solomon, 1859

I am in training, don't kiss me, Claude Cahun

I am in training, don't kiss me Claude Cahun, 1927

Peter (A Young English Girl), Romaine Brooks

Peter (A Young English Girl) Romaine Brooks, 1923 – 1924

Portrait of a Young Man, Giorgione

Portrait of a Young Man Giorgione, 1510

Portrait of Alexander Sakharoff, Alexej Von Jawlensky

Portrait of Alexander Sakharoff Alexej Von Jawlensky, 1909

Portrait Of Rose Sélavy, Man Ray

Portrait Of Rose Sélavy Man Ray, 1921

Renata Borgatti, Au Piano, Romaine Brooks

Renata Borgatti, Au Piano Romaine Brooks, 1920

Seated Figure, Oceanic Art

Seated Figure 1850 – 1925

Self Portrait, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Self Portrait Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1847

Self Portrait with Black Dog, Gustave Courbet

Self Portrait with Black Dog Gustave Courbet, 1842

Self-Portrait, 1923, Romaine Brooks

Self-Portrait, 1923 Romaine Brooks, 1923

Una Troubridge, Romaine Brooks

Una Troubridge Romaine Brooks, 1924

What do you want from me?, Claude Cahun

What do you want from me? Claude Cahun, 1928

Young Man with Arrow, Giorgione

Young Man with Arrow Giorgione, 1505

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