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Norman Lewis, The Artists
Portrait of Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis was a U.S. Artist of the African Diaspora born on July 23, 1909. Lewis contributed to the Abstract Expressionist movement and died on August 27, 1979.

Girl with Yellow Hat, Norman Lewis

Girl with Yellow Hat 1936

Meeting Place, Norman Lewis

Meeting Place 1941

Title unknown (Subway), Norman Lewis

Title unknown (Subway) 1945

Changing Moods, Norman Lewis

Changing Moods 1947

Title Unknown (Street Scene), Norman Lewis

Title Unknown (Street Scene) 1947

Migrating Birds, Norman Lewis

Migrating Birds 1953

Alabama, Norman Lewis

Alabama 1960

The Gremlins, Norman Lewis

The Gremlins 1961

Title Unknown (March on Washington), Norman Lewis

Title Unknown (March on Washington) 1965

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