Themes in Art


Four Castles Gold Disk, John Dee

Four Castles Gold Disk John Dee, 1560

Obsidian Mirror, John Dee

Obsidian Mirror John Dee, 1400

Sigillum Dei, Wax Disk, John Dee

Sigillum Dei, Wax Disk John Dee, 1582

Sigillum Dei, Wax Disks, John Dee

Sigillum Dei, Wax Disks John Dee, 1582

The Magic Circle, John William Waterhouse

The Magic Circle John William Waterhouse, 1886

The Magus, Book 1, Western Esoteric Art

The Magus, Book 1 Francis Barrett, 1801

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Abstract Figures, Themes in Art

Abstract Figures

Hinting at the human form

Death in Art, Themes in Art

Death in Art

Life's only guarantee

Still Life, Themes in Art

Still Life

Quiet moments with simple objects

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