Themes in Art


Friendly faces, pretty faces, and the occasional awful caricature. Napoleon is here, and Cleopatra. Celebs of history, and occasionally, the stories of everyday folk.

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Androgyny 14Athletes 8Babies 4Ballet 9Bathers 19Boxers 2Children 108Clowns 11Couples 24Dancers 50Doctors 5Family 86Femme Fatales 23Girls 66Jane Morris 2Judith and Holophernes 17Kiki of Montparnasse 3Kings 5Men 46Mothers 53Napoleon Bonaparte 8Old Age 5Portraits 481Priests, Priestesses, Lamas, and Holy Men 5Princess 5Profile 2Prostitutes 3Queens 4Shepards 5Singers 6Soldiers 12The Medici Family 3Valerie Neuzil (Wally) 2Witches 9Women 411

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