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Today a triptych can be any three artworks intended to be viewed together, but the format was developed and popularized in early christian art as one of a variety of polyptychs, or multi-panel works that were often folded to protect the artwork when not being viewed. Triptychs are interesting for the connection built between the three panels, which may be sequential, narrative, or thematically associated. The three-panel comic format is technically a kind of triptych...

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Carousel, Triptych Part 2, Biruta Baumane

Carousel, Triptych Part 2 Biruta Baumane, 1981

Childhood, Triptych Part I, Biruta Baumane

Childhood, Triptych Part I Biruta Baumane, 1983

Stefaneschi Triptych, Giotto di Bondone

Stefaneschi Triptych Giotto di Bondone, 1320

Triptych, August 1972, Francis Bacon

Triptych, August 1972 Francis Bacon, 1972

White Painting, Three Panel, Robert Rauschenberg

White Painting, Three Panel Robert Rauschenberg, 1951

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Abstract Art, Themes in Art

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Abstract Figures, Themes in Art

Abstract Figures

Hinting at the human form

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