Penelope, Glyn Philpot

Penelope Glyn Philpot, 1923

Portrait Of My Sister, Ettie Stettheimer, Florine Stettheimer

Portrait Of My Sister, Ettie Stettheimer Florine Stettheimer, 1923

Self-Portrait, 1923, Romaine Brooks

Self-Portrait, 1923 Romaine Brooks, 1923

Static-Dynamic Gradation, Paul Klee

Static-Dynamic Gradation Paul Klee, 1923

Still Life, Salvador Dalí

Still Life Salvador Dalí, 1923

Study for Proun S.K., El Lissitzky

Study for Proun S.K. El Lissitzky, 1922 – 1923

The Blue Room, Suzanne Valadon

The Blue Room Suzanne Valadon, 1923

The Denaturalized Material, Destruction 2, Theo van Doesburg

The Denaturalized Material, Destruction 2 Theo van Doesburg, 1923

The Eye, Antoine Pevsner

The Eye Antoine Pevsner, 1923

The Violet Hat, Sigrid Hjertén

The Violet Hat Sigrid Hjertén, 1923

Two Figures (Nudes on a red background), Fernand Henri Léger

Two Figures (Nudes on a red background) Fernand Henri Léger, 1923

Untitled, Wassily Kandinsky

Untitled Wassily Kandinsky, 1923

Untitled, Hannah Höch

Untitled Hannah Höch, 1922 – 1923

Ventriloquist and Crier in the Moor, Paul Klee

Ventriloquist and Crier in the Moor Paul Klee, 1923

The artist is himself nature and a part of nature in natural space

Ways to Study Nature Paul Klee, 1923

A Cuca, Tarsila do Amaral

A Cuca Tarsila do Amaral, 1924

Abstract Sculpture 3, Katarzyna Kobro

Abstract Sculpture 3 Katarzyna Kobro, 1924

Astrological Fantasy Portrait, Paul Klee

Astrological Fantasy Portrait Paul Klee, 1924

Beauty Contest: To the Memory of P.T. Barnum, Florine Stettheimer

Beauty Contest: To the Memory of P.T. Barnum Florine Stettheimer, 1924

Cantilever Cupola with Five Hilltops, Wenzel Hablik

Cantilever Cupola with Five Hilltops Wenzel Hablik, 1924

Carnival in Madureira, Tarsila do Amaral

Carnival in Madureira Tarsila do Amaral, 1924

Design for a Great Hall, Wenzel Hablik

Design for a Great Hall Wenzel Hablik, 1924

Gala Éluard, Max Ernst

Gala Éluard Max Ernst, 1924

Garveyite Family, Harlem, James Van Der Zee

Garveyite Family, Harlem James Van Der Zee, 1924

Head, Antoine Pevsner

Head Antoine Pevsner, 1923 – 1924

Ingres's Violin, Man Ray

Ingres's Violin Man Ray, 1924

l.n.31, El Lissitzky

l.n.31 El Lissitzky, 1922 – 1924

La Baronne Emile D'Erlanger, Romaine Brooks

La Baronne Emile D'Erlanger Romaine Brooks, 1924

Lili Hot Summer, Gerda Wegener

Lili Hot Summer Gerda Wegener, 1924

Malay Woman, Irma Stern

Malay Woman Irma Stern, 1924

Maternity, Joan Miró

Maternity Joan Miró, 1924

Padma Sambhava, Nicholas Roerich

Padma Sambhava Nicholas Roerich, 1924

Peter (A Young English Girl), Romaine Brooks

Peter (A Young English Girl) Romaine Brooks, 1923 – 1924

Self Portrait, Giorgio Morandi

Self Portrait Giorgio Morandi, 1924

Serpent of Wisdom, Nicholas Roerich

Serpent of Wisdom Nicholas Roerich, 1924

Textile Design, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Textile Design in Black and White, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Black and White Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Textile Design in Blue and Orange, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Blue and Orange Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Textile Design in Yellow and Black, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Yellow and Black Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Swatch of Original Fabric, Varvara Stepanova

Swatch of Original Fabric Varvara Stepanova, 1924

The Constructor, El Lissitzky

The Constructor El Lissitzky, 1924

The Hunter (Catalan Landscape), Joan Miró

The Hunter (Catalan Landscape) Joan Miró, 1923 – 1924

I could spend my whole life prying loose the secrets of the insane. These people are honest to a fault, and their naiveté has no peer but my own.

The Manifesto of Surrealism André Breton, 1924

The Parisienne, Agnes Goodsir

The Parisienne Agnes Goodsir, 1924

Una Troubridge, Romaine Brooks

Una Troubridge Romaine Brooks, 1924

Untitled, Stanley William Hayter

Untitled Stanley William Hayter, 1924 – 1924

Woman, Two Men and Children, Albert Gleizes

Woman, Two Men and Children Albert Gleizes, 1924

Women In White Stockings, Suzanne Valadon

Women In White Stockings Suzanne Valadon, 1924

Cactus, Tina Modotti

Cactus Tina Modotti, 1925

Composition (Definitive State), Fernand Henri Léger

Composition (Definitive State) Fernand Henri Léger, 1925

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