Textile Design in Black and White, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Black and White Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Textile Design in Blue and Orange, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Blue and Orange Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Textile Design in Yellow and Black, Varvara Stepanova

Textile Design in Yellow and Black Varvara Stepanova, 1924

Swatch of Original Fabric, Varvara Stepanova

Swatch of Original Fabric Varvara Stepanova, 1924

The Constructor, El Lissitzky

The Constructor El Lissitzky, 1924

The Hunter (Catalan Landscape), Joan Miró

The Hunter (Catalan Landscape) Joan Miró, 1923 – 1924

I could spend my whole life prying loose the secrets of the insane. These people are honest to a fault, and their naiveté has no peer but my own.

The Manifesto of Surrealism André Breton, 1924

The Parisienne, Agnes Goodsir

The Parisienne Agnes Goodsir, 1924

Una Troubridge, Romaine Brooks

Una Troubridge Romaine Brooks, 1924

Untitled, Stanley William Hayter

Untitled Stanley William Hayter, 1924 – 1924

Woman, Two Men and Children, Albert Gleizes

Woman, Two Men and Children Albert Gleizes, 1924

Women In White Stockings, Suzanne Valadon

Women In White Stockings Suzanne Valadon, 1924

Cactus, Tina Modotti

Cactus Tina Modotti, 1925

Composition (Definitive State), Fernand Henri Léger

Composition (Definitive State) Fernand Henri Léger, 1925

Composition with Blue and Yellow (Composition 1), Piet Mondrian

Composition with Blue and Yellow (Composition 1) Piet Mondrian, 1925

Counter Composition VI, Theo van Doesburg

Counter Composition VI Theo van Doesburg, 1925

Creole Dance, Pedro Figari

Creole Dance Pedro Figari, 1925

PH-45 (Field Rocks), Clyfford Still

PH-45 (Field Rocks) Clyfford Still, 1925

Dilukai (Gable Figure), Oceanic Art

Dilukai (Gable Figure) 1850 – 1925

Girl with cigarette (Rachel Dunn), Agnes Goodsir

Girl with cigarette (Rachel Dunn) Agnes Goodsir, 1925

Malagan (Funerary Carving), Oceanic Art

Malagan (Funerary Carving) 1875 – 1925

May Picture, Paul Klee

May Picture Paul Klee, 1925

Portrait of Marquis d'Afflito, Tamara de Lempicka

Portrait of Marquis d'Afflito Tamara de Lempicka, 1925

Portrait of My Father, Salvador Dalí

Portrait of My Father Salvador Dalí, 1925

Portrait of Rebecca Hourwich Reyher, Irma Stern

Portrait of Rebecca Hourwich Reyher Irma Stern, 1925

Power of the Caves, Nicholas Roerich

Power of the Caves Nicholas Roerich, 1925

Proun 99, El Lissitzky

Proun 99 El Lissitzky, 1923 – 1925

Rayograph - 1925, Man Ray

Rayograph - 1925 Man Ray, 1925

Rotary Demisphere (Precision Optics), Marcel Duchamp

Rotary Demisphere (Precision Optics) Marcel Duchamp, 1925

Seated Figure, Oceanic Art

Seated Figure 1850 – 1925

Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1925, Jennie Augusta Brownscombe

Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1925 Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1925

The Birth of the World, Joan Miró

The Birth of the World Joan Miró, 1925

The Dance (Bailongo), Pedro Figari

The Dance (Bailongo) Pedro Figari, 1925

The Little Interior, Gwendolen Mary John

The Little Interior Gwendolen Mary John, 1920 – 1925

The Terrible Games, Giorgio de Chirico

The Terrible Games Giorgio de Chirico, 1925

The Window, Pierre Bonnard

The Window Pierre Bonnard, 1925

Theatrical Composition, Aleksandra Ekster

Theatrical Composition Aleksandra Ekster, 1925

Two Women from Tehuantepec with jicalpextle, Tina Modotti

Two Women from Tehuantepec with jicalpextle Tina Modotti, 1925

Venus and Amorini, Salvador Dalí

Venus and Amorini Salvador Dalí, 1925

Watched, Hannah Höch

Watched Hannah Höch, 1925

Yellow Red Blue, Wassily Kandinsky

Yellow Red Blue Wassily Kandinsky, 1925

Young Woman Combing Her Hair, María Blanchard

Young Woman Combing Her Hair María Blanchard, 1925

Archaeologists, Giorgio de Chirico

Archaeologists Giorgio de Chirico, 1926

Bird Wandering Off, Paul Klee

Bird Wandering Off Paul Klee, 1926

Black and White, Man Ray

Black and White Man Ray, 1926

Cocktails, Archibald Motley

Cocktails Archibald Motley, 1926

Composition, Fernand Henri Léger

Composition Fernand Henri Léger, 1926

Composition in Black and White (Painting 1), Piet Mondrian

Composition in Black and White (Painting 1) Piet Mondrian, 1926

Coronation backdrop for ‘The Firebird’, Natalia Goncharova

Coronation backdrop for ‘The Firebird’ Natalia Goncharova, 1926

By eliminating everything superfluous to the technical means of their craft the Cubists finally reached the common ground where a general, synthetic culture becomes possible.

Cubism and the General Culture Albert Gleizes, 1926

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