The divine horses of Achilles, Balios and Xanthos, Giorgio de Chirico

The divine horses of Achilles, Balios and Xanthos Giorgio de Chirico, 1963

The Judgement, Bob Thompson

The Judgement Bob Thompson, 1963

The Moment (Egg), Agnes Martin

The Moment (Egg) Agnes Martin, 1963

The Return, Vũ Cao Đàm

The Return Vũ Cao Đàm, 1963

Those on Top, Those Below, Antonia Eiriz

Those on Top, Those Below Antonia Eiriz, 1963

Two Girls, Vũ Cao Đàm

Two Girls Vũ Cao Đàm, 1963

Two Palettes, Jim Dine

Two Palettes Jim Dine, 1963

Untitled, Marie Raymond

Untitled Marie Raymond, 1963

Untitled (Fishermen), Faeq Hassan

Untitled (Fishermen) Faeq Hassan, 1963

Vénus N°1, Seund Ja Rhee

Vénus N°1 Seund Ja Rhee, 1963

Breakthrough I, Robert Rauschenberg

Breakthrough I Robert Rauschenberg, 1964

Canto XIV, from Rauschenberg: XXXIV Drawings for Dante's Inferno, Robert Rauschenberg

Canto XIV, from Rauschenberg: XXXIV Drawings for Dante's Inferno Robert Rauschenberg, 1964

Double Isometric Self-Portrait, Jim Dine

Double Isometric Self-Portrait Jim Dine, 1964

Ferryboat, Liao Chi-chun

Ferryboat Liao Chi-chun, 1964

Lips, Ülo Ilmar Sooster

Lips Ülo Ilmar Sooster, 1964

Lita, Alex Katz

Lita Alex Katz, 1964

You see, I have made a great discovery: I no longer believe in anything...what I can only describe as a state of peace—

Metamorphosis and Mystery Georges Braque, 1964

Nigerian Symphony, Ben Enwonwu

Nigerian Symphony Ben Enwonwu, 1963 – 1964

Ohhh...Alright..., Roy Lichtenstein

Ohhh...Alright... Roy Lichtenstein, 1964

Piazza d'Italia, Giorgio de Chirico

Piazza d'Italia Giorgio de Chirico, 1964

Poetic Shelter, Lygia Clark

Poetic Shelter Lygia Clark, 1964

Self-Portrait, Andy Warhol

Self-Portrait Andy Warhol, 1964

Snow, Chang Ucchin

Snow Chang Ucchin, 1964

Study for Lovers, Ibrahim Hussein

Study for Lovers Ibrahim Hussein, 1964

The Blue Nile, Palmer Hayden

The Blue Nile Palmer Hayden, 1964

The Boatman, Tahia Halim

The Boatman Tahia Halim, 1964

The Common Place, René Magritte

The Common Place René Magritte, 1964

The Last Sound, Ibrahim El-Salahi

The Last Sound Ibrahim El-Salahi, 1964

The Mosque, Ibrahim El-Salahi

The Mosque Ibrahim El-Salahi, 1964

The Passenger, Leonor Fini

The Passenger Leonor Fini, 1964

The Street, Romare Bearden

The Street Romare Bearden, 1964

The Tree, Agnes Martin

The Tree Agnes Martin, 1964

They Always Appear, Ibrahim El-Salahi

They Always Appear Ibrahim El-Salahi, 1964

Three Young Women with a Baby, Vũ Cao Đàm

Three Young Women with a Baby Vũ Cao Đàm, 1964

Untitled, Eduardo Kingman

Untitled Eduardo Kingman, 1964

Untitled, Antonia Eiriz

Untitled Antonia Eiriz, 1964

Untitled, Eduardo Kingman

Untitled Eduardo Kingman, 1964

Untitled (Baghdadiyat), Faeq Hassan

Untitled (Baghdadiyat) Faeq Hassan, 1964

Volunteer, James Rosenquist

Volunteer James Rosenquist, 1963 – 1964

A Woman (Marilyn), Willem de Kooning

A Woman (Marilyn) Willem de Kooning, 1965

Abstraction No. 4, Beauford Delaney

Abstraction No. 4 Beauford Delaney, 1965

General Moses (Harriet Tubman), Charles White

General Moses (Harriet Tubman) Charles White, 1965

Homage to Nina Simone, Bob Thompson

Homage to Nina Simone Bob Thompson, 1965

Marian Anderson, Beauford Delaney

Marian Anderson Beauford Delaney, 1965

Night Creatures, Lee Krasner

Night Creatures Lee Krasner, 1965

Orange Grove, Agnes Martin

Orange Grove Agnes Martin, 1965

Poem, Saloua Raouda Choucair

Poem Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1963 – 1965

Portrait of James Baldwin, Beauford Delaney

Portrait of James Baldwin Beauford Delaney, 1965

Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams, Ibrahim El-Salahi

Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams Ibrahim El-Salahi, 1961 – 1965

Return 1, Brice Marden

Return 1 Brice Marden, 1964 – 1965

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