Indian at Gallup Bus Depot, Fritz Scholder

Indian at Gallup Bus Depot Fritz Scholder, 1969

Indian with Beer Can, Fritz Scholder

Indian with Beer Can Fritz Scholder, 1969

Lawdy Mama, Barkley L. Hendricks

Lawdy Mama Barkley L. Hendricks, 1969

Little Sun, Hannah Höch

Little Sun Hannah Höch, 1969

Mardakan view, Sattar Bahlulzade

Mardakan view Sattar Bahlulzade, 1969

Nigerian Piccadilly Circus, Uzo Egonu

Nigerian Piccadilly Circus Uzo Egonu, 1969

Open No. 122 in Scarlet and Blue, Robert Motherwell

Open No. 122 in Scarlet and Blue Robert Motherwell, 1969

Seed of Love, Charles White

Seed of Love Charles White, 1969

Self Determination, Claude Clark

Self Determination Claude Clark, 1969

Sheperd, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Sheperd John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1969

Sunday After Sermon, Romare Bearden

Sunday After Sermon Romare Bearden, 1969

Wind Dancing with Spring Flowers, Alma Thomas

Wind Dancing with Spring Flowers Alma Thomas, 1969

A Fantastic Sunset, Alma Thomas

A Fantastic Sunset Alma Thomas, 1970

A Song for the Nile, Tahia Halim

A Song for the Nile Tahia Halim, 1970

A Student, Durdy Bayramov

A Student Durdy Bayramov, 1970

Absheron Landscape, Sattar Bahlulzade

Absheron Landscape Sattar Bahlulzade, 1970

Angst, Hannah Höch

Angst Hannah Höch, 1970

Blooming trees, Ural Tansykbayev

Blooming trees Ural Tansykbayev, 1970

Busy Town, Henry Tayali

Busy Town Henry Tayali, 1970

Calm, Mária Medvecká

Calm Mária Medvecká, 1970

Circle, Benny Andrews

Circle Benny Andrews, 1970

Drilling the Tunnel, Claude Clark

Drilling the Tunnel Claude Clark, 1970

Escazú Cemetery, Dinorah Bolandi

Escazú Cemetery Dinorah Bolandi, 1970

Face, Chaïbia Talal

Face Chaïbia Talal, 1970

Hartley and Ginny, Alice Neel

Hartley and Ginny Alice Neel, 1970

Jackie Curtis and Ritta Redd, Alice Neel

Jackie Curtis and Ritta Redd Alice Neel, 1970

Madre Terra, (Mother Earth), Carlos Mérida

Madre Terra, (Mother Earth) Carlos Mérida, 1970

Market Scene, Faeq Hassan

Market Scene Faeq Hassan, 1970

Nakhchivan Mountains, Sattar Bahlulzade

Nakhchivan Mountains Sattar Bahlulzade, 1970

Nativity, Ivan Večenaj

Nativity Ivan Večenaj, 1970

No More Games, Benny Andrews

No More Games Benny Andrews, 1970

Pay Dirt, Claude Clark

Pay Dirt Claude Clark, 1970

Playful Scene, Grégoire Michonze

Playful Scene Grégoire Michonze, 1970

Portrait of a woman in red, Chaïbia Talal

Portrait of a woman in red Chaïbia Talal, 1970

Portrait of Sulgun Hemrayeva, Durdy Bayramov

Portrait of Sulgun Hemrayeva Durdy Bayramov, 1970

Women in Prayer, Chaïbia Talal

Women in Prayer Chaïbia Talal, 1970

Reclining Nude, Dorothea Tanning

Reclining Nude Dorothea Tanning, 1969 – 1970

Self Portrait, Aisha Galimbaeva

Self Portrait Aisha Galimbaeva, 1970

Sir Nelson. Solid!, Barkley L. Hendricks

Sir Nelson. Solid! Barkley L. Hendricks, 1970

Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson

Spiral Jetty Robert Smithson, 1970

Still life with apples, Aisha Galimbaeva

Still life with apples Aisha Galimbaeva, 1970

The Bird Men of Burnley, Leonora Carrington

The Bird Men of Burnley Leonora Carrington, 1970

Three Nubians, Tahia Halim

Three Nubians Tahia Halim, 1970

To The Adi Buddha, Charmion von Wiegand

To The Adi Buddha Charmion von Wiegand, 1968 – 1970

Untitled, Tahia Halim

Untitled Tahia Halim, 1970

Untitled, Antonia Eiriz

Untitled Antonia Eiriz, 1970

Untitled, Ali Al Jabri

Untitled Ali Al Jabri, 1970

Untitled (Aserrí Church), Dinorah Bolandi

Untitled (Aserrí Church) Dinorah Bolandi, 1970

Untitled, Bust, Antonia Eiriz

Untitled, Bust Antonia Eiriz, 1970

Untitled, Bust, Antonia Eiriz

Untitled, Bust Antonia Eiriz, 1970

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