North Philly Niggah (William Corbett), Barkley L. Hendricks

North Philly Niggah (William Corbett) Barkley L. Hendricks, 1975

Palomar, Gonzalo Fonseca

Palomar Gonzalo Fonseca, 1975

Patriotic Indian, Fritz Scholder

Patriotic Indian Fritz Scholder, 1975

Plot 68, Ernst Fuchs

Plot 68 Ernst Fuchs, 1975

Self-Portrait in the Studio, T. C. Cannon

Self-Portrait in the Studio T. C. Cannon, 1975

Still Life with Fish, Abdul Halim Radwi

Still Life with Fish Abdul Halim Radwi, 1975

The Desert Camp, Faeq Hassan

The Desert Camp Faeq Hassan, 1975

The Lute Player, Tahia Halim

The Lute Player Tahia Halim, 1975

Tomato Pickers, Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Tomato Pickers Anita Magsaysay-Ho, 1975

Turkmen Decorations and Self-Portrait, Durdy Bayramov

Turkmen Decorations and Self-Portrait Durdy Bayramov, 1975

Untitled, 1975, María Luisa Pacheco

Untitled, 1975 María Luisa Pacheco, 1975

Untitled XI, Willem de Kooning

Untitled XI Willem de Kooning, 1975

American Landscape (First State), Fritz Scholder

American Landscape (First State) Fritz Scholder, 1976

Captivity and Resistance, Romare Bearden

Captivity and Resistance Romare Bearden, 1976

Desert Pass, Helen Frankenthaler

Desert Pass Helen Frankenthaler, 1976

Diagonal No. 2, Araceli Gilbert

Diagonal No. 2 Araceli Gilbert, 1976

Grove IV, Brice Marden

Grove IV Brice Marden, 1976

Princes of Mali, Ben Enwonwu

Princes of Mali Ben Enwonwu, 1976

Red Rambling Rose Spring Song, Alma Thomas

Red Rambling Rose Spring Song Alma Thomas, 1976

Skulls, Andy Warhol

Skulls Andy Warhol, 1976

Steve, Barkley L. Hendricks

Steve Barkley L. Hendricks, 1976

Still Life, Andy Warhol

Still Life Andy Warhol, 1976

The Battle of Marrakesh, Ahmed Yacoubi

The Battle of Marrakesh Ahmed Yacoubi, 1976

The Fish, Baya Mahieddine

The Fish Baya Mahieddine, 1976

Untitled Vista, Dinorah Bolandi

Untitled Vista Dinorah Bolandi, 1976

Vow, (Jammer), Robert Rauschenberg

Vow, (Jammer) Robert Rauschenberg, 1976

Five Women, Alex Katz

Five Women Alex Katz, 1977

Future Indicative, Lee Krasner

Future Indicative Lee Krasner, 1977

His Hair Flows Like a River, T. C. Cannon

His Hair Flows Like a River T. C. Cannon, 1973 – 1977

Indian at the Lake (State II), Fritz Scholder

Indian at the Lake (State II) Fritz Scholder, 1977

La Baker, Loïs Mailou Jones

La Baker Loïs Mailou Jones, 1977

La Grange Batelière, Leonor Fini

La Grange Batelière Leonor Fini, 1977

Scandinavian Beauty, Andy Warhol

Scandinavian Beauty Andy Warhol, 1977

Study of Male and Female Torsos, Armando Morales

Study of Male and Female Torsos Armando Morales, 1973 – 1977

Two Guns Arikara, T. C. Cannon

Two Guns Arikara T. C. Cannon, 1973 – 1977

Warlugulong, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Warlugulong Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, 1977

Colonnade, or Roadside Trees, Chang Ucchin

Colonnade, or Roadside Trees Chang Ucchin, 1978

End of the Feast, Triptych Part 3, Biruta Baumane

End of the Feast, Triptych Part 3 Biruta Baumane, 1978

Fifty Days at Iliam: The Fire that Consumes All before It, Cy Twombly

Fifty Days at Iliam: The Fire that Consumes All before It Cy Twombly, 1978

Indian with Beaded Headdress, T. C. Cannon

Indian with Beaded Headdress T. C. Cannon, 1978

Landscape, Chang Ucchin

Landscape Chang Ucchin, 1978

Negritude, Ben Enwonwu

Negritude Ben Enwonwu, 1978

Paper Pool 14, David Hockney

Paper Pool 14 David Hockney, 1978

Sound of Silence, Charles White

Sound of Silence Charles White, 1978

Sound of Silence, Charles White

Sound of Silence Charles White, 1978

Sound of Silence, Charles White

Sound of Silence Charles White, 1978

Stephen Shepard, Alice Neel

Stephen Shepard Alice Neel, 1978

Surgeon, Leonora Carrington

Surgeon Leonora Carrington, 1978

Temple, Chang Ucchin

Temple Chang Ucchin, 1978

The Crossroads of Hecate, Leonor Fini

The Crossroads of Hecate Leonor Fini, 1977 – 1978

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