The False Preachers, Bodo

The False Preachers Bodo, 1978

The house of the alarm clock, Bodo

The house of the alarm clock Bodo, 1978

The Musician, Baya Mahieddine

The Musician Baya Mahieddine, 1978

Tilleul, Joan Mitchell

Tilleul Joan Mitchell, 1978

Title Unknown, Théo Kerg

Title Unknown Théo Kerg, 1978

Basin, Helen Frankenthaler

Basin Helen Frankenthaler, 1979

Falling Star, Romare Bearden

Falling Star Romare Bearden, 1979

Ma’an, Ali Al Jabri

Ma’an Ali Al Jabri, 1979

Montañas, María Luisa Pacheco

Montañas María Luisa Pacheco, 1979

Pescadoras 2 (Fishermen), Armando Morales

Pescadoras 2 (Fishermen) Armando Morales, 1979

Petra, Ali Al Jabri

Petra Ali Al Jabri, 1979

Possum Dreaming at Napperby, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Possum Dreaming at Napperby Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, 1979

Queen of Sheba, Poster, Erté

Queen of Sheba, Poster Erté, 1979

Still Life with Frying Pan and Red Cabbage, Louisa Matthíasdóttir

Still Life with Frying Pan and Red Cabbage Louisa Matthíasdóttir, 1979

The Echo of Silence, Théo Kerg

The Echo of Silence Théo Kerg, 1979

Ubu The Magical Cat, Leonor Fini

Ubu The Magical Cat Leonor Fini, 1979

Women Feeding Chickens, Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Women Feeding Chickens Anita Magsaysay-Ho, 1979

Bed 2, Nemesio Antúnez

Bed 2 Nemesio Antúnez, 1980

Burney Falls, Bernice Bing

Burney Falls Bernice Bing, 1980

Earth, Pablita Velarde

Earth Pablita Velarde, 1980

Fantasy Creature, Henry Munyaradzi

Fantasy Creature Henry Munyaradzi, 1980

I Only Have Eyes For You, Richard Hambleton

I Only Have Eyes For You Richard Hambleton, 1980

In the Land of Peace, Durdy Bayramov

In the Land of Peace Durdy Bayramov, 1980

Mufangejo's Kraal, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Mufangejo's Kraal John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1980

Pueblo animal dancers, Pablita Velarde

Pueblo animal dancers Pablita Velarde, 1980

Red Sea, from the ‘Nasser’ series, Ali Al Jabri

Red Sea, from the ‘Nasser’ series Ali Al Jabri, 1980

Shepherd is Moving the Cattle to a Good Place for Grasing, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Shepherd is Moving the Cattle to a Good Place for Grasing John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1980

Symbolic scene with five kachina figures, Pablita Velarde

Symbolic scene with five kachina figures Pablita Velarde, 1980

Thinking girl, Henry Munyaradzi

Thinking girl Henry Munyaradzi, 1980

Thira, Brice Marden

Thira Brice Marden, 1979 – 1980

Untitled, Bagyi Aung Soe

Untitled Bagyi Aung Soe, 1980

Blue Clamp, Jim Dine

Blue Clamp Jim Dine, 1981

Carousel, Triptych Part 2, Biruta Baumane

Carousel, Triptych Part 2 Biruta Baumane, 1981

Children Under the Tree, Chang Ucchin

Children Under the Tree Chang Ucchin, 1981

Edrita Fried, Joan Mitchell

Edrita Fried Joan Mitchell, 1981

Grief (Desconsuelo), Eduardo Kingman

Grief (Desconsuelo) Eduardo Kingman, 1981

House, Chang Ucchin

House Chang Ucchin, 1981

Passage of Mirrors, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

Passage of Mirrors Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1981

Pounding Strong, Dorothea Tanning

Pounding Strong Dorothea Tanning, 1981

Stateless People, A Musician, Uzo Egonu

Stateless People, A Musician Uzo Egonu, 1981

Untitled, 1981, Bertina Lopes

Untitled, 1981 Bertina Lopes, 1981

Victoria and The Cat, Alice Neel

Victoria and The Cat Alice Neel, 1981

Dantedore II, Dorothea Tanning

Dantedore II Dorothea Tanning, 1982

Fountain of Youth, Richard Hambleton

Fountain of Youth Richard Hambleton, 1982

Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia), Alice Neel

Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia) Alice Neel, 1982

Dusseldorf, Richard Hambleton

Dusseldorf Richard Hambleton, 1982

Naples, Richard Hambleton

Naples Richard Hambleton, 1982

Stateless People, An Assembly, Uzo Egonu

Stateless People, An Assembly Uzo Egonu, 1981 – 1982

Summer Breeze, Erté

Summer Breeze Erté, 1982

Suriname, Loïs Mailou Jones

Suriname Loïs Mailou Jones, 1982

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